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Pre Production

As one of the most challenging stages, we specialize in providing creative development to our clients. With our team of specialists, rest assured that youre visual content will be nothing short of exceptional


Saltire Productions LLC, was formed in 2015. 

As a filmmaker I believe totally that I can make anything happen, even a squadron of B17 Bombers flying overhead is achievable in today’s technology on a low budget, I am not limited by anything but time. I have the cameras, lights, audio, edit and VFx facility and I’m fully capable of producing films in their entirety. Yes I don’t have the "budget" to compete with Hollywood's multi-million dollar films, however I will never let that stop me making films, and growing as a filmmaker, hence why I decided after my first produced film to buy and learn how to use the equipment myself, how to edit and how to composite visual effects, my first short was 22 minuets and it took 2 years to produce actually probably near 2-1/2 years to be more precise, many hrs sitting in front of the computer working on compositing VFx, people kept saying what’s taking so long.  You see I knew my desire was long term and not one short film, so I invested my time to learn, initially from watching other DP's editors, then I went on big budget Films and National TV sets to see how they shoot productions and observed what everyone was doing so that I could learn and compare what I do. The difference I noticed was that while the big boys had hundreds of people doing this that and the next thing, I have a very small team only when I need them, cutting down on cost and maximizing efficiency.  


For the most part before we shoot, its all, planning organizing, obtaining locations, props, costumes, equipment, cast and crew, then its a team event for the shoot then again after we shoot its, the post production flowline this is normally one or two persons as opposed to hundreds.


I guess when I think about it I have always been the underdog through my life, from School, I left school with no qualifications, but went back when I had the motivation to drive what I wanted to do. Until now I have always been the person least likely to achieve, and yet, here I am a bachelors degree in Mechatronics, a working Robotics Engineer making films and achieving way more than anyone would ever imagine.


My passion will not allow the lack of a budget or anyone telling me I cannot do that, or try to dictate what I can do. Its all down to collaboration and sourounding yourself with people who are willing to be a part of something that is actually happening, or is going to happen, "I do" so can you. Life gives you choices you can either go do, be part of something or sit and wait and wait and do nothing.


To that end my friend with a script my suggestion to you, is pick a scene and shoot that scene maybe 2-3 mins over 1 to 2 days and use that as a visual selling tool for your script. I’m a Producer/Actor/DP/Director/Editor/VFx/SFx artist I make things happen, with little or no budget and I am here to help without having any prior motive other than the opportunity to bring stories to life and work with some really nice people who have the burning desire to make films. You have a choice in life to either watch others doing what you want to do, or participate in making it happen. 

Mark Docherty

Saltire Productions

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